[FoRK] SUVs are the solution

Wayne Baisley baisley at alumni.rice.edu
Sun May 22 23:14:22 PDT 2005

> So SUVs are the solution to congestion, not the problem.

I still want a distributed, global automobilematon routing system.  2D, 3D, 
5D, whatever.  <http://www.xent.com/FoRK-archive/2001.03/0347.html>

My backpack's got jets
I'm boba the fett
I bounty hunt for jaba hut
To finance my vette
mc chris (aka Sealab Hesh) <http://www.mcchris.com>

<http://www.windspireentertainment.com/download.php?view.15>  Sorry, it's WMV 
format, but quite amazing considering that it's a fanfilm whipped out from 
Star Wars Galaxies.

Philosophical question:  Why make a video game aimed at SWGeekdom that's so 
heavy on dance moves?  Is there a lot of DDR crossover in that demographic?


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