[FoRK] My Wife's CD release

Reza B'Far reza at voicegenesis.com
Sun May 22 23:53:13 PDT 2005

Hi Folks:

Thanks for all the advice and keep it comin'...

I put up the first full length song... we need to clear up some copy-right
issues since apparently there may be a problem distributing work by other
composoers (less than 75 years) for free... but, we have control over her
own works...


Here is the link to the first... we would be grateful on any feed back on
the piece.  Hopefully I did the ID3 V2 tags correctly (per advice from
Thomas Shaddak).

Now, I gotta go learn how Payloadz and other folks that Lucas recommended
work (API's for site integration, etc.)

Thanks again folks.


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At 10:44 PM 5/20/2005, Lucas Gonze wrote:
>  Then take a cast of your middle finger and FedEx it to the distributors.

*LOL* That was the best piece of advice. Seriously, though, I agree with
Lucas. If I hear an entire track, it almost invariably sticks with me all
day and then I just have to buy the CD. Works like a charm for me -- and
I'm a world class "cheap, cheap". :)


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