[FoRK] You know, I'm about sick of this shit.

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Mon May 23 05:39:39 PDT 2005

No crypto.  That's *dangerous.*

No stem cell research.  That's *sinful.*

No cloning research.  That's *just weird.*

No Fair Use.  That's *bad for (media) business.*

No HDTV recorder cards w/o being crippled.  (See above.)

No commercial space travel.  That's *complicated.*

No evolution in schools.  That's *just wrong.*

No sex education in schools.  That *might CAUSE teens to have sex.*

No gay marriage.  That's *perverse.*

No abortion.  That's *murder.*

No peer-to-peer.  That's *scary.*

No smoking in public.  That's *smelly* and *bad for you.*

No personal choices of any kind.  *You can't handle it.*

No rationality.  That would be part of that *reality-based community*  
bullshit.  That's just *wrong.*

But by damn, we're going to have a huge government, a huge deficit,  
an INSANE foreign policy, a crippling, burdensome tax code, prayer  
and God (tm) (nb:  approved Gods only need apply) in schools and  
elsewhere, and in general an out-of-control nanny government at all  
levels that's in your business constantly like an overprotective  
parent.  Goddamn it, we're going to have culture *our* way (read:   
the Right (tm) Way) even if we have to be totalitarian to get there!

FUCKING media companies.

FUCKING culture war.  BOTH sides.

FUCKING idiotic hypocrites everywhere.

FUCKING culture of smug, activist self-righteousness.

FUCKING tyranny of the majority.

FUCKING Washington.

Jefferson is rolling in his grave.


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> First crypto, now space travel.  The lunatics in Washington are
> working hard to drive another industry that's critical to US interests
> overseas.
> Did they think that after collecting $20M in prepayments from
> passengers, Sir Richard Branson would give up, on orders from DC?  No,
> he'll clone Rutan's work somewhere else, as best he can, and build a
> space industry where it's welcome.  Either that, or Rutan will take
> his head and export it to where he can run a business without
> interference.
>     John
>   Red Tape For SpaceShipTwo
>   by Irene Mona Klotz
>   Cape Canaveral (UPI) Apr 26, 2005
>   ...
>   The problem is U.S. export controls issues ...
>   "At this point, due to uncertainty about possible licensing
>   requirements, we are not able to even view Scaled Composites'  
> designs
>   for the commercial space vehicle," Whitehorn said. "After U.S.
>   government technology-transfer issues are clarified and addressed if
>   deemed necessary, we hope to place a firm order for the spacecraft."
>   ...
>   Despite a price tag of $200,000, about 100 people have signed  
> contracts
>   for rides on Virgin Galactic's spaceliner and agreed to pay the  
> money
>   upfront, while another 29,000 or so aspiring astronauts have  
> agreed to
>   put down deposits of $20,000 each.
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