[FoRK] Who is the anti-Google?

Elias Sinderson elias at cse.ucsc.edu
Mon May 23 11:15:56 PDT 2005

Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

>I don't know about anti-google, but I can tell you about the
>un-google: http://blog.teledyn.com/node/2289
Ah, thanks, I had thought that my query was lost in the FoRK stream; yet 
another neglected piece of flotsam jetsam in the electronic noise of 
widely distributed mailing list exchanges.

In the meantime, I have become reacquainted with meta-search engines 
such as metacrawler.com, dogpile.com and
momma.com. If you are willing to load a javascript powered site, 
kartoo.com has an interesting interface that shows the intertwingling of 
pages as well as other (non-search) keywords that they share. 
Pre-google, my favorite search engine was metacrawler but I have used it 
too little in recent years. . . it is nice to see that they haven't gone 
away. The meta-search approach is intriguing and ripe for new methods of 
ranking, etc. to be developed.

Personally, I find it compelling simply because it prevents breaks 
Googles' practice of logging IP addresses associated with searches.  :-)


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