[FoRK] Girl, boy ... girl

Jim Whitehead ejw at soe.ucsc.edu
Mon May 23 16:58:18 PDT 2005

Last Thursday my wife gave birth to a beautiful 8lb, 6oz baby girl, our
third child. Nayelli Louise came home today, joining her oldest sister Tatum
(4 1/2) and brother Emmet (16 months).

Pictures at:

Lots of emotions from the event. The one that was most unexpected was
finding the few days afterwards to be fairly relaxing, almost like a
vacation (where you don't sleep very much).

It certainly was nice having a clue about how to comfort and handle the
baby; with memories of Emmet still quite fresh, I quickly remembered many

I'm still amazed that 10 months ago she didn't exist at all. I'm reminded of
Tatum asking us where she was, when looking at our wedding pictures.

Finally, miconium is perhaps the most amazing natural substance our bodies
ever create. :-)

- Jim

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