[FoRK] Re: You know, I'm about sick of this shit.

Wilkin, Kurt Kurt.Wilkin at fnzc.co.nz
Mon May 23 21:27:22 PDT 2005

Umm, you *are* in America, no?
You dudes know how to fix this shit, no?
You've done it before, no?

Or what, you think everyone else should be
keeping your high standards for you?
[Insert quote from past President about
being watchful, or fear, or something]

And note that you didn't need to mention :
"No end to slavery. Thats un-American."
"No 'one man one vote'. Thats un-American."

OTOH, fucked up country that can't look at
Janet Jacksons chest, yet is the biggest
global exporter of porn.
(Not that thats a bad thing: it'll be a scary
day when Japan takes over that market.
Or, shudder, England.
Or, ewww, Canada)

Actually, even funnier is USians complaining
about Television standards after having
shattered the (~BBC set) standards of the rest
of the western world.
And done by a Limey, no less.

Suck it up: from experience, the time when
people are complaining about TV standards 
is the *top* of the slope: come wallow with us.
And call now to order
"From 'The Ascent of Man' to 'The Biggest Loser'
 in 12 easy steps",
and get FREE
"'Fawlty Towers' to 'Joey' in 9 easy steps".

Cheers, Kurt.

on  fork-bounces at xent.com wrote:
> More rant.  ;-)
> No criticizing the President or his cohorts.  That's *un-American.*
> No filibusters on the Senate floor.  That's *obstructionist.*
> No euthanasia for brain-dead drooling idiots or people in chronic
> pain.  That's *murder.* 
> No concern for the ignorant knocked-up 16 y/o girl;  that proto-human
> tumor in her belly is *more important.*
> No paternal rights for the guy that knocked her up.  He's got
> all the
> responsibility (child support) and none of the authority.
> No genetic "tampering" to make our kids smarter, stronger,
> healthier.  That's *evil mad scientist stuff.*
> No math / science emphasis in schools.  Math is *hard* and
> science is
> *evil.*
> No insistence on educational excellence in general;  an 80%
> competency rate in 3rd grade is *fantastic.*
> No culture that rewards childhood intelligence;  smart kids are
> *weird* and are *losers.* 
> No reasonable pay for teachers.  Paying teachers would be
> *reasonable.*  Can't have that.
> No Howard Stern.  He's a *degenerate.*
> No Janet Jackson dirty titty.  That's *obscene.*
> But...  a 24 hour / day right-wing propaganda operation spanning TV
> (Faux News) and radio is *wonderful.*
> No human rights for political prisoners.  What are we, *pussies?*
> No Geneva Convention.  It's *quant* and *outdated.*
> No diplomacy.  We don't *need it.*
> No U.N.  It's *corrupt* and World Government is *bad.*  (Never mind
> that GB Sr. is a huge NWO person.)
> Grrr...
> jb
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