[FoRK] calling all techies who blog on tech

Kelley kelley at inkworkswell.com
Tue May 24 13:50:00 PDT 2005

Now's your chance to get in the spotlight! There's a journalist at another 
list looking for network tech/pros who also have blogs. She wants to 
interview you for a piece in an industry mag. If you know of other places 
where I might post this or can forward it to other lists and blogs, please 
do so.

Here address is below.


HI Kelley -- Just getting caught up here.

Below is a short message you can send out. I don't want to overhwlem people.

Technology Writer Looking for Network Pros Who Blog

A freelance writer for a national computer magazine is looking to interview 
network professionals who are also bloggers. (For this assignment, "network 
professional" is defined as:

Network professionals with jobs that specifically relate to following types 
of technology:
LANS, WANs, network, directors of technology/IT/MIS/IS, CTOs, data center 
managers, admins of servers (or any hardware), admins of operating systems 
like Windows. (Not computer programmers, IT helpdesk, training 
professionals or technology consultants.)

Your blog should focus on technology.

Contact Susan at <mailto:redsox1216 at aol.com>redsox1216 at aol.com for more 

Thanks, Kelley!



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