[FoRK] SUVs are the solution

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed May 25 10:51:58 PDT 2005

No, no real wake turbulence luckily.  450Kn turbulence would be nasty in 
a 172.

The prerequisites for personal air travel are:
  o Full-time computer guidance and autopilot and/or autopilot bounding 
(fly all you want, within the limits set by an intelligent autopilot)
  o Multiple (3+) engines where you can maintain level flight and land 
under power with at least 2 engines out (one of the proposed designs on 
Popular Mechanic had this design with 4 engines)

It probably will require mini-turbines with spares or something 
similar.  It would be good to study road construction, material, 
disturbance of wildlife, maintenance, etc. vs. air travel, fuel, safety, 
and maintenance.  I was surprised how the fuel to fly a 1000 load 500 
miles isn't all that different from driving the equivalent distance.  If 
you factor in the more direct route, time savings, and high efficiency 
of newer planes, it is a competitive option, in the long run.


Joachim Feise wrote:

>Stephen D. Williams wrote on 5/22/2005 10:14:
>>Speaking of which, I went almost directly head to head with an F15 last
>>week.  I was at 3000 at 120 knots and he crossed my path less than
>>1000ft above me doing 450 knots toward me at about a 160 degree path
>Any wake turbulence?
>I remember years back a report that a Cessna lost it after a close
>encounter with a military jet.
>I tend to stay away from the approach paths here at Orange County
>airport because of the wake.
>In any case, I don't think "personal air travel" is going to work. I've
>had too many close encounters, even when in contact with ATC.
>One was coming out of the VFR corridor over LAX, going to Santa Monica
>airport, and talking to their tower. The other plane was way too close
>for comfort, and SMO tower didn't even warn us...

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