[FoRK] SUVs are the solution

Karl Anderson kra at monkey.org
Wed May 25 17:23:43 PDT 2005

"Stephen D. Williams" <sdw at lig.net> writes:

> The prerequisites for personal air travel are:
>   o Full-time computer guidance and autopilot and/or autopilot bounding 
> (fly all you want, within the limits set by an intelligent autopilot)

Yep.  Carnage from automobile crashes get hauled away, so people don't
mind.  Flying cars will crash into roofs and stuff, causing property
damage that isn't mobile.

> It probably will require mini-turbines with spares or something 
> similar.  It would be good to study road construction, material, 
> disturbance of wildlife, maintenance, etc. vs. air travel, fuel, safety, 
> and maintenance.

This will not be a requirement in the States, because only commies
will object to being surrounded by 3-D highways.

Also, we will eventually need futuristic hover technology, because use
will continue to expand to fill capacity, so the airways will resemble
the opening credits of Futurama more than Coruscant.

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