[FoRK] The Shift...

Rob van Kranenburg kranenbu at xs4all.nl
Thu May 26 12:14:01 PDT 2005

it seems like even more disciplining eating away
even more personal space, but from the prisoners point of view there is
always a finger you can move and if they immobilize that, well you can
still click your tongue....althussers 'hey you' is now commodified in the
dutch smokingpole
where people stand outside (open roof structure) in trainstations and walk
up, yes - walk up - to the smokingpole to smoke. in althusserian terms
you'd still have to shout as authority, now you just commodify the shout
and have people walking towards their own 'prison'. it is so strange to me
that these two structural lines are so visible, one towards this
selfdisciplining, and one towards this selfrealization, as if the default
has become the schizophrenic.

and in terms of design?
you sell a dumb thing as a serendipitious wonder, so when you are 
poor you get the closed box ipod and when you got money you get an 
interface, hurray!

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