[FoRK] Re: The Shift...

Bill Stoddard bill at wstoddard.com
Thu May 26 19:53:04 PDT 2005

Jeff Bone wrote:
> Jim says:
>> "Jefferson fought against slavery all his life.  Even in the
>> Declaration of Independence, he had inserted in the original draft a
>> section condemning the slave-trade, but that was deleted by Congress."
> Is it hypocrisy to give up an impossible fight to achieve bigger and  
> more important goals?
>> Perhaps the same can be thought of the smoking issue. Its not  
>> possible to
>> eliminate workplace risk in all industries, but perhaps it's  possible to
>> eliminate one risk (smoking) in one (restaurants/bars), and create  
>> such a
>> well-known example that it starts raising questions about practices  
>> in the
>> others.
> I'm not buying it.
> The goal of the prohibitionists is not about eliminating risk *for  
> others.*  It's just not, Jim.  I believe that in your heart you know  
> this just as well as I do.  In your heart you know this is bald  
> hypocrisy, and I'm embarrassed for you that you're continuing to  
> advance this extremely specious "argument."
> And it's not about *eliminating personal risk* either.  It is solely,  
> purely, and completely a function of two things:  an activist  minority 

Everyone serves their master. To give their life meaning. 'god', 'family', 'nation', 'nature', 'environment', 
'technology', 'hedonism', whatever. Pick your cause de jour; these do gooders are not serving anyone but their 
own sense of self.

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