[FoRK] The Shift... (last bits from me on this tonight, probably ; -)

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Fri May 27 07:24:31 PDT 2005

Jeff Bone:
>Smoking *most likely* poses long-term  negative health consequences on 
>smokers, though how dire those  consequences are is very questionable. ..

There is little doubt that smoking accelerates
artery disease and causes emphysema and
lung cancer. The stochastic nature of the
result is due to two things: (a) these diseases
take decades to manifest, and (b) individuals
vary in their susceptibility. The question isn't
the causal link, only WHICH smokers will die
from their habit.

That's no reason to condemn smokers or to
be rude to them or to jump on a puritanical
bandwagon that would force them into the
closet. We all make decisions about how to
live, for a variety of reasons beyond
maximizing our lifespan. I agree with you
completely that the latest measure passed
here in Austin is the result of social
intolerance, rather concern about non-
smokers' health. My suspicion is that bar
workers heavily voted against it. I also
suspect that the vast majority who voted
for it will not more often go into the few
places where smoking was still allowed. This
willingness to control what others do for
such small reason is really disheartening.

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