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Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Fri May 27 19:00:06 PDT 2005

Just received. Wow.

Dear Stephen,

As a Keyhole subscriber, you’re invited to beta-test the next generation 
of our software. As you probably know, beta software sometimes has rough 
edges. You may encounter bugs and this software currently works only 
with Windows 2000 and XP. If you aren’t comfortable with beta software, 
you may want to wait for the formal release in a few weeks.

If you do want to try the new software, however…welcome to the Google 
Earth Beta!

To begin with, Keyhole is now Google Earth, and your Keyhole 2 NV 
application will be replaced with Google Earth (Plus Edition). We chose 
the new name for many reasons, perhaps the most important being that the 
Keyhole experience now incorporates Google search.

This lets you fly to a location, do a Google search for businesses, 
addresses, and even driving directions, and the results are plotted onto 
the Google Earth.

Known compatibility issues

· MS Windows 98/98SE/ME are not supported

· Does not install properly on MS Windows XP 64-bit systems

Known search problems

· International city name lookup is not working. Limited to US/UK/Canada.

Known visual problems

· Lines are not drawn with desired thickness when using DirectX

· Fonts can render incorrectly on systems with 120 DPI font settings

Installing and Running

[Note: The transition to Google Earth should automatically import your 
Placemarks. But if you've invested a lot of time creating your 
Placemarks in Keyhole 2 NV, you might want to back them up as a 
precaution. Open Keyhole 2 NV, right-click the "My Places" folder, and 
save the folder as backup.kml to your desktop.]

Step 1 – Click here to download the Beta version of Google Earth.

Step 2 – Run the installer.

Step 3 – The software should automatically recognize your existing, 
active Keyhole license (it won’t work if you don’t have an active 
Keyhole license). Your Keyhole 2 NV will be replaced by Google Earth 
Plus on the desktop. If you decide to go back to Keyhole 2 NV, you’ll 
need to use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall Google Earth and reinstall 
Keyhole 2 NV.

Step 4 – Report any bugs via the Google Earth help menu (select “Help” 
and then “report a bug” or you may report a bug by filling out the form 

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can retrieve it from:


New Features

Integrated address searching, business searching, and driving directions
Fly to an address, look up businesses, get driving directions with the 
integrated Google search. Here's a quick summary of things you can do 
from the new 'Search' pane in the upper left portion of the window:

* Tour your search results or ‘play’ a flight of driving directions 
using the ‘Play’ button just below the search results. Double-click on 
search results in the list and fly to them in the 3D view. Right-click 
on individual search results, or the entire folder, to save it to your 
My Places, or to do a Google search on that business.
* Note: you can now get “Directions from” and “Directions to” any search 
result by right-clicking on the search result.

Improved data and 3D buildings
You may have noticed our new database, now called the "Primary 
Database", when you log in. It features a new global basemap, updated 
business layers and European roads, and more high-resolution aerial and 
satellite imagery. In this release, we’ve also added the ability to see 
3D buildings in select cities. To enable this feature, select 
‘Buildings’ in the navigation panel (note: it may cause the application 
to run slowly on older graphics cards).

Improved Placemark creation and sharing
Placemarks enable you to create and share favorite places. Keyhole 2 NV 
offered several cool new Placemark features: custom icons, folders and 
image overlays. Now Google Earth adds annotation: you can mark a trail, 
outline a property, or just ‘point’ to the place you want to meet a 
friend. Select the Placemark icon in the navigation panel, then choose 
‘Path or Polygon.’ Google Earth shares Placemarks in a new format called 
'KMZ.' This enhanced format allows you to share your custom icons and 
overlays via email in a single file without an external hosting service 
(compatibility note: Google Earth can read Placemarks created with 
Keyhole 2 NV, but Keyhole 2 NV won’t read Placemarks created with Google 

Data import
You can now import a .CSV file (an export format for Microsoft Excel and 
many other applications) that includes address data. For example, if you 
have a list of locations with addresses, you can save those as a .CSV 
file and import them into the application.

GPS (Global Positioning System) support
You can now import data directly from several popular GPS devices.

International improvements
Street address lookup in the fly-to search now works for UK and Canada, 
and business search listings can be done in the UK as well.

Those are the high points. We hope you’ll give it a spin.

The Keyhole Google Earth Team

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