[FoRK] Re: The Solution

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Sun May 29 16:18:44 PDT 2005

On May 29, 2005, at 5:58 PM, Damien Morton wrote:

> So why draw a line at all. Lets not make business investment in the  
> wholesale changing of minds on the same level as business  
> investment in capital plant or r&d. Lets encourage business to  
> serve markets rather than create them.

BTW, I didn't really recognize until the third or fourth re-read that  
you're actually being semi-serious, here.  I'd say that warrants a  
semi-serious reaction...

Let's dig in.  What, exactly, are we proposing, here?  "Marketing" is  
an easy whipping boy, particularly for techies who, like most of us,  
have experienced the totally overwhelming anti-cluon zone that seems  
to exude from certain "marketing" types.  Problem is, "marketing" is  
a very ambiguous concept --- even (sadly, perhaps usually) to its own  

There's a scientific side to marketing, one that studies such things  
as the diffusion of memes and the adoption of new "technologies."   
Are we suggesting that we ban that, for fear that such understanding  
might be misused?

Or are we simply talking about advertising?  If so, I guess we should  
be ready to also relinquish Google, free television, and a whole host  
of other things.  (Come to think of it, that might improve  
television.  But regardless it's going to massively reduce our  
choices in media, among other things.)

I just don't think the cost of putting up with advertising outweighs  
the benefits.  And ideologically, I'm not sure it's sound to try to  
ban it:  that action presupposes that people are incapable of making  
up their own minds in the presence of marketing / advertising  
"data."  Perhaps I'm a pollyanna, but I like to believe that people  
are smarter than that.

Despite all evidence to the contrary.


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