[FoRK] Apple Inside!

Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) fork at ianbell.com
Mon Jun 6 12:47:31 PDT 2005

On 6-Jun-05, at 12:34 PM, Luis Villa wrote:

> This isn't about desktop, though; this is about laptop. Both AMD and
> PPC have so far proven totally incapable of doing both decent
> performance and low power consumption, which Intel is pretty much
> kicking ass on. If it were *just* desktop, apple would have happily
> continued kicking ass with the dual G5s- but that market is shrinking,
> and laptops are growing, and neither AMD nor PPC is an answer there,
> clearly.

The other facet is economics.  Apple loses ground on margin with  
every G4/G5 that ships.  With Intel they can actually mark UP the  
processors now.  Sure, you can shove three or four $220 G5's into a  
box but when you're getting performance parity with a mainstream $400  
Xeon, well, the writing is on the wall.

Short of Motorola pulling some sort of nextgen powerPC out of their  
ass (nobody wants to go up against intel anymore), I don't even  
really think Apple has much choice.

The interesting thing is how Apple adapts its marketing.   They've  
backed off on marketing performance comparisons after they were bitch- 
slapped in the Dual G5 "Fastest Desktop Ever." comparison ads last  
year.  They're subtly amping up the "we don't get viruses" and "we  
connect your devices simply" positioning as well as the traditional  
"we're easy to use" message.  Now, in the back of my head I know I  
don't really give a shit about speed and performance.  However, will  
my psyche disallow future purchases because of an almost tacit lag in  

It's all pretty irrelevant anyway when people are building  
applications (a la widgets) in DHTML.  yeeuuch.  What's next, a FLASH  
version of Photoshop?


PS     -    Is Apple's choice to NOT allow OS X to be installed on  
grey boxes after the Intel switch a mistake?

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