[FoRK] Apple Inside!

Damien Morton fork at bitfurnace.com
Mon Jun 6 19:23:07 PDT 2005

I reakon this is a negotiating ploy.

As you say, they can change their minds, and are demonstrating that they 
can easily do so.

IBM just locked in millions of sales in the console world. No speed 
bumps required until the next gen of consoles comes out.

Apple needs continuous speed bumps, and only accounts for a fraction of 
the sales that IBM will now make.

So, IBM either steps up to the plate and delivers the speed bumps, or 
Apple moves on. I dont think IBM will be crying too much over this move, 
considering their success with the consoles.

As far as the Apple weenies go, the transition may prove to be a whole 
lot smoother than that from the 68K, and it will position Apple as an OS 
vendor able to shop around for microprocessor architectures.

The possibility of buying a Dell PC and being given a choice of OSX or 
Windows Longhorn is a tantalising thought. Huge resistance to that from 
the Apple corporate culture, but the promise of multiplying their 
installed base several-fold must be quite tasty for them, especially 
considering the amount of software that Apple now sells.

Its definately an inflection point we are seeing here. Probably doesnt 
bode well for Apple and Microsoft shares given the uncertaintly, but IBM 
and Intel can only benefit.

> Eugen Leitl wrote:
>>  Not even AMD, Intel.
> But presumably, they can change their minds later
> and switch easily to AMD. Or even use both,
> e.g. low power Intel chips in the laptops vs
> fast AMD chips in the desktops.
> - Joe
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