[FoRK] BrainMeta

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Thu Jun 9 09:55:54 PDT 2005

This showed up on MindHacks today:



June 09, 2005

I'm not quite sure what BrainMeta is exactly, but it sure it  


It bills itself as

a community site that was established for the purpose of accelerating  
the development of neuroscience through web-based initiatives, which  
include the development, implementation and support of a wide range  
of neuroinformatics tools, services, and databases. BrainMeta also  
functions as an internet hub for fostering communication between  
individuals involved with the neurosciences.
It certainly has a mass of useful links and resources online that  
would pique the interest of the most hardened of academic  

But then has essays about "The Consciousness Singularity" when  
"history as we know it, will cease" and "our consciousness will be  
expanded beyond the confines of an egocentric sense of self".

If anything, it's great fun to explore, even if some of the the blue  
sky thinking (blue universe thinking maybe ?) is a little puzzling at  

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