[FoRK] the end of M.E.

Dave Long dave.long
Mon Jun 13 01:55:10 PDT 2005

>                                                   The best brakes are 
> already
>  electrohydraulic; all-electric brakes will follow.

It hasn't been very often, but there have
been times when I've appreciated that the
hydraulic brake system works even without
the engine running, or the car powered.

>  And electric actuators will displace the steel camshaft on every 
> valved
>  engine.

When I last looked, about 15 years ago, a
problem with this technique was lifetime,
where actuators could be expected to work
for applications with regular replacement
(such as racing) but not for applications
such the family car.  This must no longer
be an issue?

>  To meet this steadily rising demand for electric power, car 
> manufacturers
>  are making the transition to a 42-volt grid to replace the existing 
> 14-volt
>  grid.

...making it possible to strike an arc in
a regular automotive circuit.  Could that
make demolition derbies more interesting?


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