[FoRK] She Said "interconnectedness"

Tom Higgins tomhiggins
Tue Jun 14 21:17:29 PDT 2005

Hiddy Ho Forkistan. You folks still playing yaity yak with tibula boy?
Anyway, news from Portland is Just Do It...no not that particular


I mention this in way of saying HEY its almost Oscon season and I know
at least some of you folks will be in the hood, but hooking up this
year will be a tad harder as the same exact week that Oscon will be
going on (and PTP has a booth again) I will be across town either in a
doctors gown watching my second boy being delivered or tending to
mother and child.  Time might be had for a gathering of feather
forkers for an adult beverage or eight.

Remember while in Portland paying for wifi is considered a grave sin. 
Use the PTPnet and in so increase the wealth of the commons. Oh yea,
zeroconf folks pay particular attention to your discoveredness, a few
of our nodes, my home (node236) included, are sporting daapd and howl.

Rock over Portland, Rock over Rohit, Rock over the Interwebthing(tm)

-tom(Mr Higgins)higgins

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