[FoRK] co-op

Regina Schuman rschuman
Tue Jun 21 11:46:24 PDT 2005

Good luck finding anything anywhere near $1.7M.  "Designed by Holabird &
Root on North Michigan Avenue in 1929, Chicago's Palmolive building in
an Art Deco landmark.  The 37-story tower's condominium include a 7,880
sq/ft penthouse that occupies the top two floors.  There are three
terraces, including two off the master bedroom, which has oak paneled
bla bla, two bathrooms, bla blah.  THREE-BEDROOM apartment = $10.6M.

I wasn't suggesting time shares anyway.  I thought we'd ALL stay AT ONE
TIME for a RETREAT*, lease it out to others for the remainder and use
THEIR money to recoup (mgmt fees, etc.) and pay down the bastard.  

What are you people - a pack of actuaries?


* annual, quarterly, whatever.  think think tank.

>>> meltsner at gmail.com 6/21/2005 2:29:15 PM >>>
BOTEC analysis makes it look like it would cost about $40K per
available week to acquire the mansion, plus the usual upkeep, taxes,
etc.  Unless someone on this list really needs a tax writeoff....

Nice try.  For that kind of money (or even a mortgage on that kind of
money), I'm going to want  sand and salt water.  Although you could
spend a lot less if you want to site it in Lake Geneva, just an hour
or two away from O'Hare.


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