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Regina Schuman rschuman
Tue Jun 21 12:19:33 PDT 2005

wisconsin. ah, the whiff of stockyards.

you might sell Barrera on the Yerkes, however.  

>>> meltsner at gmail.com 6/21/2005 3:04:08 PM >>>
I wasn't suggesting Chicago -- Lake Geneva is in Wisconsin and was the
traditional resort/lake retreat for the Wrigleys and other members of
the Chicago social elite.  It's come down in recent decades, of
course, but still has quite a bit of great architecture, pretty good
food (especially of the quantity over quality type -- this is
Wisconsin, after all), a relatively clean lake, and relative (compared
to California...) affordability.  It was the site of Hefner's resort
venture and GenCons (the big Midwestern gaming convention series)
started here -- D&D's creator, Gary Gygax, was from Lake Geneva, I
believe.  It even has Yerkes Observatory, although they're no longer a
cutting-edge astronomy site given light pollution and their use of a
40 inch refractor.

Bruce Sterling's "The Zenith Angle" describes a couple of models for

*  The "Vault" -- the nuclear war-proof bunker housing a rump
government at all

*  A Colorado retreat owned by a really rich CEO and run by his
Taiwanese wife next to a green astronomy research center

Clearly, we'd all love the chance to stay at the latter (on someone
else's tab, of course), but I'd be concerned that we'd end up with a
place more like the former.

At MIT, we had a couple of old estates that were available for student
groups or departments.  I'd bet that many universities have similar


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