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That really sounds interesting....


Owen Byrne wrote:

> Come to my neck of the woods, buy  an island and still have ~ $1 
> million left to develop it.
> Owen
> Bayers Island
> 79 Acres
> US$ 450,000
>      Pristine 79-acre ecological jewel in Nova Scotia
> Are you yearning for an idyllic spot in North America to build a 
> summer house or year-round home? Is easy airport access important to 
> you? Do you want to be lucky enough to own a large island that has 
> only one contiguous neighbor -- a provincial park with a 3-mile-long 
> white sand crescent beach? Then Bayers Islands might be your paradise.
> Bayers Islands (a.k.a. Martinique Islands), a premium undeveloped 
> private oceanfront archipelago, is now available for purchase. Ideally 
> suited for development as a family or corporate retreat, eco-tourism
> (Listing destination or private park, it offers a secluded, yet easily 
> reached location attached to the longest white sand beach in Nova 
> Scotia, and adjacent to a famous bird sanctuary, just 40 minutes from 
> bustling Halifax or the international airport (with direct commercial 
> flights to Boston, Newark, London, Montreal, Ottawa, etc.)
> This is your chance to own a private natural reserve, in an 
> environment surrounded by a Provincial Park, a Game Sanctuary, and 
> Nature Conservancy holdings, directly on the Atlantic Ocean. Yet 
> easily reached from the US Northeast and Mid-Atlantic in just one 
> morning. And easily accessed simply by parking your car and walking 25 
> minutes down Nova Scotia's longest barefoot white sand beach. How many 
> coastal islands can you actually walk to (without even getting your 
> feet wet)?
> Nova Scotia has a climate similar to Boston's, thanks to the Gulf 
> Stream. When the Northeast is sweltering in hot humid weather during 
> the summer months and early autumn, Nova Scotia enjoys temperatures in 
> the 60's and 70's. What's more, Nova Scotia (being part of Canada) is 
> stable, friendly, peaceful, and English-speaking, with an excellent 
> infrastructure.
> Try finding pristine oceanfront along any coast of the US, and you'll 
> be disappointed in selection and price. If you purchase Bayer's 
> Islands, you'll not only be enjoying thousands of feet of ocean 
> frontage, you'll also be the only private landowner in a complex of 
> islands and beach so ecologically important, that it's a designated 
> RAMSAR site. Yet, Bayer's Islands are zoned for any use whatsoever -- 
> perfect for your dream house, eco-lodge, or lighthouse.
> Most ocean islands are difficult and/or dangerous to access. Not 
> Bayers Islands, a unique coastal island happily perched at the end of 
> a sand spit. You're less than a 40 minute drive from either Halifax 
> (the provincial capital) or the Halifax International Airport. Just 6 
> miles on paved road from a hospital, supermarket, lumberyard, a 
> library, and schools; and just 2 miles from a golf course, yacht club, 
> and a deliciously authentic German bakery. With the bird sanctuary in 
> your "backyard"; the Martinique Beach Provincial Park as your 
> "driveway"; and the open ocean everywhere else, you're arguably in the 
> most desirable conservation-grade property currently available for 
> private sale in North America.
> What are you going to leave your children as a natural legacy? In this 
> world of impinging sprawl and pollution, consider leaving them one of 
> the "last great places". Bayers Islands is a protected ecological 
> jewel where the ocean sounds soothe away your stress; where the Great 
> Blue Herons soar overhead and leave your jaw agape; where pilot and 
> Minke whales ply by peacefully, seals play in the waves; and where you 
> have the comfort of knowing that you will never see another house 
> (other than your own) pop up anywhere around you for perpetuity.
> Bayers Islands isn't a country unto itself -- but it's the next best 
> thing.
> Quick Facts:
> 1.5 miles of bold ocean, plus 1.6 miles of protected harbor frontage, 
> with breathtaking 360 degree views
> 79 acres of surveyed, untouched, unlogged, enchanted forest
> Situated at the end of Nova Scotia's longest white sand beach 
> (Martinique Beach, 5 km)
> Bold ocean frontage on three points
> Beautiful rock formations
> Clear title
> Easy access from Boston, New York, London, Washington, Montreal, 
> Ottawa...
> Protected on all sides from development, and no ATV use
> Mult zoning -- you can build whatever you want, yet no development is 
> possible for miles around you for perpetuity!
> Good safe access by boat (10 minutes) or foot (25 minutes)
> Fantastic birding -- Bald Eagles, Great Blue Herons, Osprey, Piping 
> Plover, Northern Harrier, Great Horned Owls, Geese and Ducks abound
> Surprisingly nice climate, thanks to Gulf Stream
> Fresh water on island
> Interesting flora -- lush ground cover, berry bushes, old man's beard, 
> moss, old growth forest
> Clean air, clean water
> Low annual taxes (~$1200 US)
> Ideal building locations for solar (southwest exposure) and wind power 
> (ocean breezes)
> Good cell phone reception
> Astounding ecological diversity and significance
> No problem for American ownership
> Intelligent investment opportunity
> Price: US$ 750,000 firm
>> Don't TELL me this isn't a GREAT idea.
>> Fork members collectively buy the property (below) for retreats,
>> hedging and laundering.
>> "In 1728 a three-story house was built near the Delaware River in Bucks
>> County, Pennsylvania.  The seven-bedroom residence features original
>> pine floors and a solarium off the entrance hall.  A smokehouse, a
>> two-story gym and a pool are on the two-acre grounds. A three-story barn
>> has been converted into a two-bedroom apartment. $1.695 million."  [July
>> 2005 Architectural Digest]
>> Not kidding,
>> Geege
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