[FoRK] Cooperative browser-based web caching: Dijjer (ido)

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Mon Jun 27 21:02:08 PDT 2005

I've seen and analyzed many web cache projects and products in the 
past.  I find that I want one that I hadn't seenwork until today: 
browser-based cooperative web caching, specifically for large files.

Dijjer is pretty close and demonstrates what I want: http://www.dijjer.org/
Dijjer's methods look good so far and there is already a Firefox 
extension.  If this works well, it should become standard and be made 
more transparent (i.e. for all URLs).  It doesn't seem to be a 
completely clean solution yet.

What I want, in effect, is Firefox to automatically do Bittorrent-style 
decentralized caching for all web browsing, especially for anything that 
is large.  The mechanism needs to be very easy for an end-user to 
configure.  Dijjer's not too bad but downloading and installing an 
executable will be too much for most people.

A clean use case: Posting pictures that may be temporarily popular.  I 
would like to avoid generating more than one download of most images, 
especially the full-resolution images from my new camera, which are > 
5MB as "fine" Jpeg.



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