[FoRK] Down with long distance.... Skype goes mobile

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Mon Jun 27 21:39:45 PDT 2005

IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable
The IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable consists of an interconnecting cable 
between a mobile phone and a computer, and software. The computer must 
be connected both to a mobile phone and to the internet and cooperating 
with the Skype program the IPdrum program enables user access to the 
Skype service by using a mobile telephone!

The clue is the mobile telephone connected to the computer. This "base 
station" mobile will make a link between the Skype connection and the 
user's phone via a local call setup. Both incoming and outgoing calls 
can be handled by the system.

The main features of the IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable:

? Forwarding of incoming Skype calls to PSTN- or mobile phone

? Outgoing calls to Skype subscribers

? Outgoing calls to stationary and mobile telephones using the SkypeOut 
subscription service

? Synchronizing of contacts from mobile

? Synchronizing of contacts in Skype

? Connecting/Synchronizing contacts with Skype users

The IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable will be available from medio august onwards.

The retail price is estimated to be $60 ? $80, depending of the type of 
mobile to be connected.

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