[FoRK] Down with long distance.... Skype goes mobile

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Tue Jun 28 05:44:52 PDT 2005

With many plans, such as a typical SprintPCS plan, the second phone is 
"free" and often you can get cheaper phones for free for signing up.  
Some commentary about the idea mentioned using one of your old phones.  
Most plans now have unlimited mobile to mobile within the same account 
or same mobile provider (like SprintPCS).  I have 5 phones on my account 
(although the charge $10 or so for 3-5).

I think the point of using something like this is to avoid expensive LD, 
like foreign to an "unusual" country that's not also now cheap.  Or a 
better use is to allow mobile phone use to the Skype network rather than 

I agree that it's still too cumbersome.  If only we had a Linux phone 
with a hackable call interface, i.e. a Linux cell phone running Asterisk 
locally.  1 year?  2?


Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) wrote:

> Looked at this last week.
> To use it you need
>     1)    Two phones
>     2)    Two GSM cards, ergo two wireless accounts
>     3)    Two-stage dialing for every long distance call
> Which adds up to...
> All so that you can do what, save on long distance?  If I just signed  
> up for another $40/mo. wireless phone, bought some crazy $80 cable,  
> fucked around with software for hours on end, and sentenced myself to  
> having to two-stage dial every long distance recipient, I have cost  
> myself much more than I would spend in a year on Long Distance.
> Sorry, I value my time.  This has no material effect on any business,  
> LD or otherwise.  The tyranny of distance rages on unabated, and  
> anyway it's not the distance between Peoria and your house -- it's  
> the distance between you and the network, and that's where you'll be  
> forced to bend over by large corporations for quite some time to  
> come, my friends.
> Who do you think is raking in cash terminating all those VoIP minutes  
> on to the PSTN for Vonage and Skype?
> Answer:  The Incumbents.
> -Ian.
> On 27-Jun-05, at 9:40 PM, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
>> http://www.ipdrum.com/subpage.aspx?m=4&amid=73
>> IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable
>> The IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable consists of an interconnecting cable  
>> between a mobile phone and a computer, and software. The computer  
>> must be connected both to a mobile phone and to the internet and  
>> cooperating with the Skype program the IPdrum program enables user  
>> access to the Skype service by using a mobile telephone!
>> The clue is the mobile telephone connected to the computer. This  
>> "base station" mobile will make a link between the Skype connection  
>> and the user's phone via a local call setup. Both incoming and  
>> outgoing calls can be handled by the system.
>> The main features of the IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable:
>> ? Forwarding of incoming Skype calls to PSTN- or mobile phone
>> ? Outgoing calls to Skype subscribers
>> ? Outgoing calls to stationary and mobile telephones using the  
>> SkypeOut subscription service
>> ? Synchronizing of contacts from mobile
>> ? Synchronizing of contacts in Skype
>> ? Connecting/Synchronizing contacts with Skype users
>> The IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable will be available from medio august  
>> onwards.
>> The retail price is estimated to be $60 ? $80, depending of the  type 
>> of mobile to be connected.
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