[FoRK] Rip. Mix. Burned.

Lucas Gonze lgonze
Tue Jun 28 14:43:39 PDT 2005

Tom Higgins wrote:

>Here is a place to post cool audio and video bits in containers of
>likeness called play lists. The links in the play list point to the
>videos or music on the servers of the creators, maintainers or mirrors
>who have a right (under ccl, gpl, pd etc) to do so. So far so good.
>Now some kaza orphan comes along and starts making play lists of
>copyrighted works that fall under the aegis of the RIAA that are
>housed on kazakidz friend down the block who just realized winblows
>has a web server.

>So many questions, and this is just one case of indirection via
>published playlists.
Indeed indeed.

A thing about the legal footing for webjay that's relevant to major FoRK 
themes is its webbiness.  The "web" in webjay is not incidental, it's 
the key to keeping things clean and safe.  So if there's anything 
playlisters are doing that's going to get our asses kicked, it also 
applies to search engines, del.icio.us, and every other bit of 
mainstream web development.

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