[FoRK] I see I'm not the only one who's noticed this

Regina Schuman rschuman
Wed Jun 29 12:31:48 PDT 2005

slate's edelstein said war of the worlds is a masterpiece.  yep, the one
with tom cruise.

>>> Joe Barrera <joe at barrera.org> 6/29/2005 3:15:56 PM >>>

"It is revealing that the most compelling character Tom Cruise has ever

portrayed is "Frank TJ Mackay" from Magnolia, a control-freak with
pathological need to assert his obsession over not just those around 
him, but the public as well, by exploiting his access to public media.

Apparently Mr. Cruise was playing himself."

I've been saying that for a long time. If you hate Tom Cruise then 
you'll really enjoy the interview with his character in Magnolia.

- Joe

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