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I definitely need one. Looks like fun, and comparatively easy.

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There is a description of how the interface of the SPUs will look like
- it's an adaption from a speech the author gave at Linuxtag a few days

In short it looks as if there is going to be 3 different programming
models / levels of abstraction one can choose from:

1. a virtual filesystem similar to procfs
2. a library abstraction that works by explicitly creating some sort of
SPU thread - that code will look similar to the pthread interface
3. gcc autovec which is not done yet and will be available later

I guess here it comes to that tradeoff flexibility vs performance if
one uses the specialized interfaces 1 or 2. If that's required we
either get plenty of #ifdef into the code or we use configure to choose
from 2 different engines. If we can use 3. we can probably treat one
Cell as an 8-way system with a vector unit per CPU.

At the end there is also a link to a presentation by Sony:

The section "Programming Models" starts at slide 24.


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