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Stephen D. Williams sdw
Thu Jun 30 07:25:35 PDT 2005

The theory of the original MindMaps book (Tony and Barry Buzan) and much 
of the literature surrounding it is that having a firm, concise, and 
organized visual hierarchy of related ideas allows you to visualize, 
remember, and work with knowledge better.  One of the biggest original 
uses was for learning difficult and/or voluminous material, including 
typical schoolwork.  The original idea (since it was produced a long 
time ago) was to draw and illustrate mindmaps by hand with visual mnemonics.

I agree with the visual organization = easier to remember theory, at 
least for those who have strong visual and spatial memory.

Whether it also helps in development of information, that is weaker but 
seems ok.  It is a relatively simple technique with limited benefits, 
however having a nice tool to help you create 2D hierarchies very 
quickly is much better than using Word, Excel, or Visio, et al.

I've seen much more interesting visualization techniques (at a recent 
UMD UCI symposium for instance), but the MindMap stuff is accessible in 
tools you can get.


Corinna wrote:

>What would you use it for? I've never really seen the point of "graphical
>organizers" but that's probably just due to ignorance...
>For instance, does something like this aid in designing software? (I usually
>just divide up a sheet a paper and make lists of things that go together.)
>Or coming up with a solution to a specific problem?
>I can see how a web site's overall structure can be designed this way, or a
>class heirarchy, but for general purpose thinking... ?
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