[FoRK] RESTful services... from .gov

Luis Villa luis.villa
Thu Jun 30 19:54:47 PDT 2005

"It is simply unacceptable at this point in history that a citizen can
use web services to track the movies he is renting, the weather around
his house, and the books he's recently purchased but cannot as easily
monitor data regarding the quality of his drinking water, legislation
or regulations that will directly impact his work or personal life,
what contracts are currently available to bid on for his state, or
what crimes have recently occurred on his street.

As a step towards resolving this dissonance, the Rhode Island Office
of the Secretary of the State has released GovTracker Services to
provide RESTful access to public information. We hope that this set of
web services is adopted by the developer community and is a step
towards an era of community-developed applications that make it as
easy for citizens to interact with their government as it is for them
to interact with the rest of the networked world. With input from the
developer community we look to add additional services and make the
existing ones even better. You can reach us at
rssonate at sec.state.ri.us."

full post:

Shame it is RI and not CA or MA doing this- the groundswell from the
tech communities in those states would be huge. Still, I hope people
in RI run with this and it gets enough pub to see it elsewhere.


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