[FoRK] Sandra Day O'Connor's retirement

Adam L Beberg beberg
Fri Jul 1 15:44:12 PDT 2005

Lucas Gonze wrote on 7/1/2005 2:33 PM:
> I don't think that's true.  Two key players in his administration are 
> women -- Condoleeza Rice and Karen Hughes.

Stanford girls rock yes ;) but it's pronounced to'ken. "One that 
represents a group, as an employee whose presence is used to deflect 
from the employer criticism or accusations of discrimination."

Karen Hughes is hardcore, no one is really sure around here what 
Condoleeza is doing, working the system from the inside maybe?

And how much credibility do those types _leave_ with? Powell anyone?

> What matters to him is whether they're true believers in the neocon cause.
> p.s. The nuclear option will be back in the news by sunday at the latest.

Already there...

This is probably the one and only change Bush co will get to force an 
anti-abortion, fundamentalist person into the court, he has the votes to 
do anything he wants. You really think he wont use it???

If he was smart (no risk of that) he'd have the name, the committee, and 
the senate vote all by Tuesday with his dream candidate, the filibuster 
will only run a few days or so.  And if successful with that Rehnquist 
will resign the next day so they can do it again. The public won't even 
notice it's happening, with Tom Cruz jumping on couches and all.

Abortion and affirmative action could be gone by August, freedom of the 
press by September, that annoying middle class by '07 (courtesy of the 
housing bubble pop), ownership of private property and the two-term 
limit long gone by 2008. Manditory prayer in schools of course, tagging 
of anyone non-christian as a terrorist... oops, too late on that one ;)

Bush for emperor in 2008! It's happened before...

Adam L. Beberg

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