[FoRK] Re: Re: ABCNEWS.com: Now, the Sun Prevents Skin Cancer --Right?

Corinna schultz
Thu Jul 7 08:29:01 PDT 2005

To be fair, I think the article was really pointing out that vitamin D has a
significant anti-cancer effect.  The cutesy headline kids of obscures that
point. I've head that writers have very littel control over the headlines
they get...

But, yes, I remember as a kid being told that vitamin D comes from the sun,
and simply not believing it because it was such an outrageous statement...
Then I learned about chemistry, and light-based reactions, and now it's all
quite sensible, even if I don't understand all the details.

A side question...

What about people who have light skin that tans easily?  Sounds like they
have the best situation -- self-regulating skin...

P.S. I think the consensus on eggs is that if you're already healthy, eggs
are just fine (something like 2 a day). However, I suspect that eating a ton
of eggs will quickly make you not healthy, from all the calories and fat,
and since you eat them with butter, or white tortillas and potatoes, etc,

P.S.  In fact, I think generally, that if you're healthy, your body can
handle a lot of crap that most people can't. Diseases are a lot less deadly,
you don't get allergies as easily, you handle stress better.  If only I had
the discipline to exercise regularly...


"Adam L Beberg" <beberg at mithral.com> wrote in message
news:42CD4533.8070800 at mithral.com...
> Corinna wrote on 7/7/2005 5:51 AM:
> > This actually makes a lot of sense. After all, just think of our
> > evolutionary history.  The popular perception of health is that it's
> > simple, just eat fortified foods (now with calcium!, extra folate!),
> >
> > Adelle Davis was saying lots of very sensible things 30+ years ago, that
> > people seem to think are breakthroughs today...
> I must have missed a memo, wasn't the sunlight -> vitamin D chain of
> events in play  well before any FoRKer was born?
> I remember learning as a kid that I can't go out in the sun for more
> then 10 minutes because I'm almost transparently white and will die of
> cancer after all my skin falls off, and blacks cannot live in the north
> because they have serious vitamin D problems.
> Going forward, this is a trivial gene to tweak, so pigmentation will be
>   set based on your latitude for cancer reasons when you order up a kid,
> and human bodies will make D without sunlight with some non-trivial
> tweaking.
> All I know for sure is my skin was much happier at 45'N, instead of my
> current burning pealing painful sunny every day 37'N.
> Don't ask me if eggs are good for you or deadly this week, I lost track.

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