[FoRK] Re: Re: ABCNEWS.com: Now, the Sun Prevents Skin Cancer --Right?

Elias Sinderson elias
Thu Jul 7 09:29:31 PDT 2005

Corinna wrote:

>To be fair, I think the article was really pointing out that vitamin D has a significant anti-cancer effect. [...]
+1, and just to be clear, people only require on the order of 10-15 
minutes of sun per day to get enough vitamin D. The link between sun 
exposure and melanoma is pretty well established at this point.

>I think the consensus on eggs is that if you're already healthy, eggs are just fine (something like 2 a day). [...]
FYI, a single egg contains about 80% of the RDA for cholesterol - note 
that in this case, RDA refers to a recommended maximal allowance, not a 
minimal requirement. Exluding baking and the like, making eggs with 
every other yolk removed is well advised.

>I think generally, that if you're healthy, your body can handle a lot of crap that most people can't. Diseases are a lot less deadly, you don't get allergies as easily, you handle stress better.  If only I had the discipline to exercise regularly...
+1 again. Also, what passes for 'food' these days (in western cultures), 
simply isn't.


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