[FoRK] "What did the president know and when did he know it?"

Ian Andrew Bell FoRK fork
Thu Jul 7 15:12:28 PDT 2005

On 7-Jul-05, at 1:58 PM, Stephen D. Williams wrote:

[on reversing desertification with the push of a button]

> Desertification is irreversible?  Really?  We can plan terraforming  
> of Mars but we can't add water to a desert?  I don't believe it.

[on gift-wrapping earth's atmosphere to reverse the effects of global  

> You do know that this idea has been proposed many times?  (Red  
> Earth, Green Earth, Blue Earth on Mars terraforming for instance.)
> Mylar (or similar) can be stretched super thin, the gigantic  
> surface area allows power production to run ion engines to keep it  
> in place, etc.  Lots of ideas that could work.

Are you really this naive?  Holy shit I am just realizing that you are.

Space mirrors to reduce global warming and terraforming Mars and the  
sands of Earthly deserts?  We can "plan to terraform" til we're blue  
in the face, but has anyone "terraformed" even one square foot of  

Has anyone informed you that Arthur C. Clarke is a Science FICTION  

Terraforming is nothing more than the imaginings of creative  
dreamers.  Mylar skins for our atmosphere are an even more humourous  
imagining.  And with no economic incentive to put any of these  
systems in place, how do you imagine that these thousand-trillion- 
dollar megaprojects would even be attempted?  Philanthropy on the  
part of messurs Brin and Gates?

You do realize it's 2005, right?


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