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Kelley kelley
Thu Jul 7 15:53:48 PDT 2005


>>I think the consensus on eggs is that if you're already healthy, eggs are 
>>just fine (something like 2 a day). [...]

The body -- most bodies-- regulates cholesterol levels. Eat three eggs, 
your cholesterol production goes down. The body produces its own 
cholesterol--7 eggs worth of cholesterol a day. If you eat 4, it won't 
produce that much. That's if you're a normal responder.

The problem is that _some_ people (like me) who are born with congenital 
heart disease are hypo- or hyper-responders. All my grandmother's brothers 
(5) died in their 40s. Gram had a heart attack by her early 50s, as did her 

Our bodies don't regulate cholesterol properly. But cholesterol isn't our 
problem. Rather, we are responding poorly to the presence of arachidonic 
acid. see below. It also has to do with insulin production.

Hyper- and hypo-responders are more sensitive to dietary _fatty acid_ 
intake, the bigger and more important issue is not cholesterol per se. Rather:

Most SFAs (satfat acids) raise blood chol., but not always.
For instance, stearic acid (in beef) is saturated, but it
has a neutral doesn't impact on blood cholesterol.

   for fun, go to the FDA and figure out how much "good fat" v "bad fat"
   is in bacon

Oleic acid (monosat fat in olive oil) is neutral.

Butter is 31% Oleic acid (neutral), 19.8% myristic acid
(raises HDL and LDL), and 15.2% pamitic acid, a "bad" fat.
w-3 and w-6 (the essential fatty acids) found in polyunsat
ats generally lower blood chol. levels.

another culprit is arachidonic acid, found in eggs
and red meat. AA is an eicanisoid--a precursor to
prostoglandins. Only recently discovered, not well understood.

What turns out also to be a problem for folks like me is that
chronically high insulin levels from a diet too high in carbohydrates
_for us_. that's a key: too high _for us_.

that bears repeating: TOOOOOOOOO high for US.

high insulin levels also increase blood triglyceride

Insulin screws with HMG-CoA reductase which is a rate-
limiting in liver chol


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