[FoRK] "What did the president know and when did he know it?"

Joe Barrera joe
Thu Jul 7 16:28:05 PDT 2005

Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) wrote:

>  Southern California has been "terraformed" by diverting water, on a
>  massive scale, away from other more worthy farmland areas, such as
>  Montana and Colorado. It's zero sum. Cast expanses of Montana like
>  the Bitterroot Valley have all but dried up.. Americans have
>  exchanged arable farmland for tract housing in the San Fernando
>  Valley. That ain't terraforming, that's resource reallocation.

Without getting into the suburb bashing... if a river used to pour huge
amounts of fresh water into the sea (or more specifically, the
Gulf of Californnia), and that water is now used for crops and
households, is that really zero-sum?

And if so, then is any form of irrigation NOT zero-sum?

Should we be picking berries instead of growing crops?

- Joe

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