[FoRK] "What did the president know and when did he know it?"

Jim Whitehead ejw
Thu Jul 7 16:47:16 PDT 2005

> Has anyone informed you that Arthur C. Clarke is a Science 
> FICTION writer?
> Terraforming is nothing more than the imaginings of creative 
> dreamers.  Mylar skins for our atmosphere are an even more 
> humourous imagining.  And with no economic incentive to put 
> any of these systems in place, how do you imagine that these 
> thousand-trillion- dollar megaprojects would even be 
> attempted?  Philanthropy on the part of messurs Brin and Gates?
> You do realize it's 2005, right?


Is your argument 

(a) these technologies are infeasible given our current state of technical


(b) the cost/benefit ratio is too high for the technologies to be
politically viable?

One can assert the technologies can solve the problem even if (b) is true.

- Jim

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