[FoRK] "What did the president know and when did he know it?" (s.b.: Futurist and Fibonacci Wonkette wed!)

Steve Nordquist signa
Thu Jul 7 23:05:29 PDT 2005

>> [on reversing desertification with the push of a button]

Great headlines:
Clandestine construction of Emergency Backup Oceans Organization, Earth Prime running into budget issues!  Senator asks: 'Is the cost of this secrecy too great?'
IRS permits eBay of earmarked tax allocation payments beginning Fall '06.
Jerusalem charter changed unanimously to Rational Progressive plan; relics to grow cypress, aloe.
A9 announces Lunar Homesteading among new customized search features; One-click deportees surprised.
Terrorists attack King of Hell, Void, Albion; -700 injured, 10 revived.  Charismatic egoists promise to release soundtrack in 4 months.
20W LED lightbulbs, (type A base, color balance via BT, UV/IR ambience to 50W) now under $1.30/watt.
Paul McCartney, 235, donates rights to public domain; but in a common property state.

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