[FoRK] "What did the president know and when did he know it?"

Damien Morton fork
Fri Jul 8 00:36:11 PDT 2005

Elias Sinderson wrote:
> Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) wrote:
>> [...] has anyone "terraformed" even one square foot of  desert? 
> Uhmm, Israel - or maybe that doesn't technically count as 
> 'terraforming.' Whatever, it's fucking impressive either way.

For all the Israeli talk I heard about greening the desert while I was 
there, all I could see was desert with maybe patches of greenish tinge. 
Even the bits that werent desert, were basically semi-desertified and 
barren, and I include the north, which should basically be described as 
mostly brown and grey rather than green.

Apart from their doubtfull claims of having green thumbs when it comes 
to deserts, its not as if Israelis are greenies or anything. The main 
river than runs through Tel Aviv is so poisonous that to fall in it 
means almost certain death.

If I was Jewish I would think that I was ripped off on the promised land 
thing. I mean, come on, g-d could have handed out Australia or Brazil or 
Canada, but noooooo.

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