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Sat Jul 9 10:24:11 PDT 2005

I know! Maybe HP can buy them!

- Joe

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Date: 	9 Jul 2005 16:26:04 -0000
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Posted by: CowboyNeal, on 2005-07-09 13:35:00

   from the dire-straits dept.
   [1]Richard Finney writes "[2] The stock chart tells the story: One
   time Silicon Valley high-flyer and contender for the Unix crown, SGI
   stock price dropped 20% on Friday ... deep into penny stock territory
   ... [3]after releasing fiscal fourth quarter results. The Mountain
   View, California maker of high end computers is '[4] exploring
   financing alternatives with its lender and other sources.' With
   mounting losses and investors giving ol' Silicon Graphics the thumbs
   down, things aren't looking good."


   1. mailto:FirstNameDotLastName at mail.google.com
   2. http://finance.yahoo.com/q/bc?s=SGI&t=my&l=off&z=m&q=l&c=
   3. http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/050707/sfth084.html?.v=14
   4. http://biz.yahoo.com/cbsmb/050707/10dcf0f4eb3640a3b6aec3b87ad7fe8c.html?.v=1


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