[FoRK] So why the fuck aren't checksums built into the fucking filesystem?

Joe Barrera joe
Tue Jul 12 15:33:21 PDT 2005

Well, first, I'll answer that: benchmarks. But let me continue...

I have about 300 GB of mp3s (ripped from my own CDs, or purchased from 
while they offered all-you-can-eat for a fixed amount per month). Over 
time, several
of these files have become corrupted -- containing segments of other mp3 
files, or just
having trashed mp3 metadata. (This is with NTFS on Windows.) Now, at the 
least, I shouldn't have to discover this corruption by playing the files 
-- it should be
evident at the very latest when I do a chkdsk (= fsck on Windows) and/or 
I open the file. But it isn't. So I end up having to write scripts to do 
md5sums on
my mp3 files to notice changes (corruption) so I can restore from 
backup. This is
so fuckin lame it makes my head spin backwards and tilted at at a 97 
degree angle.

- Joe

P.S. Why isn't 97 degrees (for Neptune, duh) normalized to 83 degrees?

You tell me we've been praying
For a bright and clever hell
I think we've been forced to our knees

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