[FoRK] Tell your friends: Fire Karl Rove!

Ian Andrew Bell FoRK fork
Tue Jul 12 16:32:58 PDT 2005

They won't do it.  To fire Rove would be to excommunicate the  
principal architect of their core strategy (let's not believe for a  
second that this would at all impinge on his ability to influence  
decision making in the GOP, though) and, more to the point, would  
reveal that there is a leak in the dam.  If they concede one leak  
then they will need to begin acknowledging all the other leaks that  
are popping up.  They would also open the floor to unabashed  
criticism of the gobbermint, which is just plain unamerican.

What're you gonna do then, eh??  Fire Rumsfeld for war crimes and  
manipulation of intelligence data?  Fire Cheney for sweetheart deals  
to outsource the army to his former co-workers?  Fire Condoleeza Rice  
for being EVIL?  NO.. that's not the answer.  The only way to get  
fired from this administration is to veer too dangerously close to  
reality, as in the case of Powell.  That shit just will not do.

So the strategy is clear:  Deny, Deny, Deny.  The seething Left-Wing  
(read: Mainstream) Press thinks they have seized upon a slam dunk  
case here but there is plenty of wriggle room.  And their dogged  
pursuit of this morsel is just further proof of their Liberal anti- 
Christian bias.  We are at WAR, people!  Where's your humanity?!

You can't encourage these people, George.  Pretty soon they'll be  
clamoring for a democracy.


On 12-Jul-05, at 4:08 PM, Jeff Bone wrote:

> As Newsweek revealed Monday, Karl Rove was the source of the Plame  
> leak.
> The essence of personal integrity is in doing what you say you will  
> do.  To maintain any shred, any pretense of credibility, Bush  
> *must* now do what he promised last year and fire those responsible  
> for the leak, i.e. Rove.  Furthermore, Nixon-ian "Dirty Tricks"  
> cannot be considered acceptable in today's GOP, or any political  
> party.
> Please join me in encouraging Bush to keep his word and clean up  
> his administration:
> http://www.moveonpac.org/firerove/

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