[FoRK] Tell your friends: Fire Karl Rove!

Jeff Bone jbone
Tue Jul 12 18:55:41 PDT 2005

On Jul 12, 2005, at 6:32 PM, Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) wrote:

> They won't do it.

Probably not --- or maybe of course not.

The real question, here, is whether this will finally sink into the  
thick noggins of some of the knee-jerk formerly-moderate Republicans  
who have inexplicably closed ranks so tightly around this gangster  
"presidency" over the last few years.  Some of those folks,  
hopefully, maybe, are capable of seeing the irony of an  
administration that puts things like "character," "integrity," and  
"national security" on its letterhead --- yet fails such a simple  
test as keeping its word about firing administration criminals who  
compromise national security.

Even so, if action is taken --- will Rove be the sole fall guy?  Or  
will this trace its path back to where it needs to go:  to Scooter  
Libby, and ultimately Cheney?  Interesting that Rove's the first man  
on the block.  Most folks think that Scooter is really the low man on  
that totem pole, and that Rove is the architect.  (Cf. Ian's comment  
re: Rove as "principal architect of their core strategy.")  While I'd  
never underestimate the man, I've come to view Rove as a sort of  
major domo of dirty tricks and power-brokering liaison, but not the  
puppet master that he first appeared to be.  Rove is Bush's man.  The  
real power in this White House is and always has been the Cheney  
gang, IMHO.  The fact that someone so close to the president --- Rove  
--- is the public face of this controversy, and the silence from the  
White House --- tells an interesting story.  Somebody's being  
shielded, and the logical reason for that is that the dominoes fall  
in the direction of real power.

We'll see.  The next few weeks will be interesting.



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