[FoRK] So why the fuck aren't checksums built into the fucking filesystem?

Joe Barrera joe
Tue Jul 12 20:35:32 PDT 2005

Wayne Baisley wrote:

>  Yep. See http://en.tldp.org/HOWTO/Software-RAID-HOWTO.html for gory
>  details, but it's pretty straightforward. The /etc/raidtab file
>  describes the layout. The mkraid command builds the unit(s).
>  /proc/mdstat contains the current state. There are other commands
>  like raidhotadd, if you want to get fancy. We've used ext3 and
>  software striping for years and have had very little trouble. We use
>  xfs for huge hardware arrays where fragmentation is an issue.
>  Nothing but xfs survives our benchmark test. I don't think that will
>  be an issue for you.

Cool. So the other question -- perhaps the more important question -- 
is: why
the hell is a filesystem not just a fuckin APPLICATION, independent of 
the OS?
It's because it's not that I judge the whole Mach/"micro"kernel thing to 
be a
complete and total failure.

- Joe
You tell me we've been praying
For a bright and clever hell --
I think we've been forced to our knees

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