[FoRK] Tell your friends: Fire Karl Rove!

Ian Andrew Bell FoRK fork
Wed Jul 13 12:19:49 PDT 2005

PLENTY of wriggle room!  If you're going to witch-hunt Rove, it had  
better be an iron-clad case.  And Rove is too smart to leave that  
kind of an opening.



"But until this week, it was Mr. Wilson's word against the White  
House's insistence that Mr. Rove was not involved. That is what has  
changed. An e-mail message that Time magazine turned over to the  
prosecutor investigating the naming of Ms. Wilson asserts that Mr.  
Rove discussed Ms. Wilson's role, though apparently without naming  
her or suggesting she was a covert officer. If that version is  
correct, it is not clear that anything Mr. Rove said could be  
considered a crime.
It could also save his job. Mr. Bush was asked in June 2004 whether  
he would fire anyone who leaked Ms. Wilson's name. Without  
hesitation, he said "yes." But if Ms. Wilson was discussed - but not  
named - current and former White House officials say Mr. Bush may not  
feel he is violating his pledge by keeping the political engineer  
who, as deputy chief of staff, is now formulating much of the  
domestic policy agenda of Mr. Bush's second term."

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