[FoRK] Re: Re: ABCNEWS.com: Now, the Sun Prevents Skin Cancer --Right?

Bill Stoddard bill
Wed Jul 13 14:53:40 PDT 2005

Justin Mason wrote:
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> Bill Stoddard writes:
>>Jim Whitehead wrote:
>>>>I'd love to know who the genius was who came up with the idea of
>>>>eating other species' unfertilised ova, and drinking the milk from
>>>>lactating bovines.
>>>So, last night I watched the first episode of the PBS special "Guns,
>>>Germs and Steel" (based on the book). In it, they hypothesized that
>>>the reason humans started drinking animal milk and eating eggs was to
>>>supplement their protein intake, since the most widely available
>>>plants often didn't contain sufficient protein.
>>How bout this explanation... early humans were always hungry (kinda like
>>how grandmothers are always cold and never know what time it is. Only
>>different.). If milk & eggs were good enough for the other animials to
>>eat, they were probably good enough for us early humans to eat.
> That flies for eggs, but milk?  extracting milk from another species, and
> drinking it?  still strikes me as odd -- I've never seen another animal
> trying out inter-species milk-drinking.

Jim replied off-list that milk production implies domestication, to which I replied:


Good point. I wonder if it was milk production that prompted domestication
(my guess would be yes) or somthing else? It's not difficult to envision an
early human watching a calf feed, capturing/killing the calf for food and
somehow milking the cow. That would be pretty much impossible if the cow were
anything like a cape buffalo. More likely they killed the calf and cow then
extracted the milk from the cow. Hungry humans would not waste anything from
a kill, eating everything including the bone marrow. When food was more plentiful,
they would remember how good the milk tasted, and thus begins domestication of
animals for milk prodution. Aggressive animals were killed off (or they killed
their keepers). Docile animals were kept around (and bred, perhaps intentionally
with purpose, perhaps not).


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