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Stephen D. Williams sdw
Thu Jul 14 05:42:19 PDT 2005

I agree with the feature list.  I've thought in the past that this ought 
to be doable for a lot of content.  The old idea of mob rating of 
published works (conceived of as published stories, books, and articles; 
demonstrated somewhat by Slashdot and Amazon review ratings) could be 
applied to public production of podcasted readings of all kinds of 
information.  You need a proper royalty model of course for the original 
copyright owners and some kind of ratings-based ranking of readings and 
remuneration of the reader based on popularity / transactions.

Certainly all of the people driving too much commuting could make use of 
this kind of service, not to mention the sight impaired.

Done well, I think it is worth more than $1/mo.  Still, you should go 
for volume, not high fees.  For paid copyrighted works, a key aspect is 
not charging people twice.  If they already subscribe to the New York 
Times, they should not pay a second royalty for an audio version of it 
(although the nominal reader fee/royalty would be expected).


Elias Sinderson wrote:

> Sat N wrote:
>> Quick informal survey:
>> 1. would you pay for a podcast of new york times read by a human ( 
>> not computer generated) that you can subscribe to and can be 
>> downloaded automatically to you iPod/mp3 player every morning.
> Depends entirely on whether or not I could filter my stream according 
> to my interests, whether the stories were individually indexed so I 
> could fast forward to the next one if I wasn't interested, etc.
>> 2. If so, how much would you pay per month?
> $1, max.
> Best,
> Elias
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