[FoRK] Re: Re: Re: ABCNEWS.com: Now, the Sun Prevents SkinCancer --Right?

Corinna schultz
Thu Jul 14 05:49:19 PDT 2005

I've read that in "traditional" societies that babies are nursed by whomever
happens to be lactating at the time, not just the biological mother. Even
old women can produce milk...

More generally, though, in situations where a new mother is having a hard
time getting lactation established, they'll get someone's baby to nurse on
them, or even a baby animal (I've heard about piglets being used in the
South -- in fact Tori Amos has a some interesting pictures in one of her
CDs, I can't remember which, but there's one of her with a piglet.)

In agrarian Western societies, if the mother died in childbirth, the baby
had to be fed somehow, so it seems natural to use animal's milk...

Isn't biology fascinating...   :)

(I nursed both my kids until they were toddlers, and it was a very
satisfying experience. I highly recommend breastfeeding! )

<kelley at inkworkswell.com> wrote:
> milk isn't too hard to figure out, given that they probably nursed infants
> well into toddlerhood! Oh, gee, babies and toddlers drink milk, maybe this
> stuff tastes good from a human _and_ a goat?

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