[FoRK] audio news

Matt Jensen mattj
Thu Jul 14 09:25:41 PDT 2005

Quoting Elias Sinderson <elias at cse.ucsc.edu>:

> Depends entirely on whether or not I could filter my stream according to
> my interests, whether the stories were individually indexed so I could
> fast forward to the next one if I wasn't interested, etc.

I agree, and think indexing should go a little further.  I'll assume for the
moment that the use case is a commuter/jogger/traveler whose only UI is the
previous and next buttons on their micro MP3 player...

* Each article gets its own file.

* Create a headline-and-teaser summary in front of every three articles.  The
summary itself is a file.

"Coming up next...
- One, 'Airplane crashes in the Andes'.  No survivors have been found.
- Two, 'Pelican deaths puzzles scientists'. Thousands of stillborn pelican
chicks at a major nesting ground have environmental scientists worried.
- Three, 'Karl Rove, Whistleblower'. A Wall Street Journal editorial paints Karl
Rove as a curageous whistleblower for helping to reveal an allegedly untrue
claim by yellow-cake investigator Joseph Wilson.

Press 'next' one, two, or three times to hear about the crash, the pelicans, or
Karl Rove. ..."

* People like to hear audio news at different speeds.  I'd like to see the files
available at 100% ("normal" speed), 75%, 120%, 150%, and 200%.  For 200%, I
think best results come by having an *experienced* person read the news at 140%
or so, and then digitally speeding that up to 200%.  Digitally speeding up from
100% to 200% does not leave enough pauses between sentences, for example.

I don't use portable MP3 devices much, but if I did I'd probably pay $1-$3 per
month if it were done well.

-Matt Jensen

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