[FoRK] News Flash: OS/2 is Dead

Ian Andrew Bell FoRK fork
Mon Jul 18 10:49:13 PDT 2005

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IBM pulls support plug on OS/2
by Antony Savvas
Monday 18 July 2005
IBM has sounded the death knell for its OS/2 operating system, and is  
encouraging dedicated users to move to other systems, including Linux.

Limited IBM support for new IBM hardware systems will continue until  
31 December this year, with no new device drivers being released  
after this date.

 From December 2006, IBM will stop issuing fixes and security updates  
for OS/2 from its website.

If these measures and IBM?s call for a migration away from OS/2  
doesn?t finally kill off OS/2, enthusiasts can still pay for support  
from IBM Global Services, which isn?t expected to come cheap.

IBM initially co-developed OS/2 with Microsoft, but Microsoft later  
pulled out to concentrate on its Windows development in the early 1990s.

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